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USAKIA's new Website is up!

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USAKIA's new Website is up!  This is our blog again!

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation (USAKIA) Website Down

UPDATED October 19, 2013

Former Great Seal of Alabama, 1868-1939

Thank you for visiting! We have a great new project: our new and funded KIA Family Art Project (KIAFAP). Renowned artist Rick Kelley provides the beautiful and patriotic art pieces and administers the program as his Families of the Fallen Art Donation. His site accepts requests by families of those killed in action or who died of wounds in Iraq or Afghanistan for a free framed piece a special collection of his works. Click this link for his site. Donations for this great project needed and appreciated! We've already provided over 150 framed pieces completely free to Gold Star Families! Thanks!

USAKIA incorporated in 2003 and received official tax-exempt and tax-deductible status from the IRS in 2004. Final determination of USAKIA as tax deductible and tax exempt by the IRS occurred in 2008. See the final-determination letter in PDF format for more information (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

USAKIA’s Mission Statement:

The USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation (USAKIA) is here to increase ability to demonstrate the strength of families with killed in action (KIA) or died of wounds (DOW) while in our U.S. Armed Forces. KIA family and public support through USAKIA programs such as membership, memorials, and direct support to KIA families will honor their memory, show gratitude, and provide America with social justice. We are there for the whole family, and we are also a unique organization begun by KIA family members, for USA KIA family members, and for us, every day is Memorial Day. "All gave some... Some gave all."

USAKIA currently uses the blog here as a backup because our Website has been down since September 10, 2007. We have paid for a new site through CharityAdvantage and plan to have it up and running by December 15, 2013. Please check out our blog here in the meantime, which includes many links, or visit our other sites. We've also received requests for our mailing address and phone number, which will appear at the end of this message. Our Newsvine column will have articles updated while we use our blog and our site's down. You can also see our Mission Statement there.

Contact Information:

USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation (USAKIA)
1835 L. Ellenburg Street, Vallejo, CA 94590
Phone: (408) 954-8280
E-Mail Us

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Newsvine Article: An America That's Worth Defending

USAKIA ( has sent you a Newsvine article with the following personal message:

It's been 6 years now. Check out an opinion about 9/11 in a Vermont newspaper with the link below.


An America That's Worth Defending

Published: Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Six years after terrorists hijacked commercial jets and turned them into weapons of mass destruction, the world received a reminder that those who planned the attack are still at large and, as President Bush said, "a reminder of the dangerous reminder in the world which we live...

Visit the article by clicking this link:


Newsvine is a place to read, write, and influence the news. We take your privacy seriously. If you feel that you have received this email in error, please contact "newsvineabuse {at} newsvine {dot} com".


The Newsvine Team

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Third Annual KIA Thunder Run, Military-Vehicle Show, and Swap Meet in California’s North Monterey Bay Area, Labor Day Weekend

Free event in northern California will have a two-hour midday ceremony to honor our nation's killed in action and others who died while serving. The Saturday, September 1, 2007, event from 9AM to 6PM will also have a military-vehicle show and swap meet.

Download Latest Flyer in Adobe PDF Format

Patriotic Bikers
The military-vehicle show complemented motorcycles with patriotic themes from Rolling Thunder, American Legion Riders, and other groups.

San Jose, CA (YOUR SHIELD) August 21, 2007 -- The USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation (USAKIA), in conjunction with J&S Surplus & Outdoor Store, a division of Eagle Emblems, and America Remembers KIA, will hold its Third Annual KIA Thunder Run, Military-Vehicle Show, and Swap Meet on Saturday, September 1. The Labor Day Weekend event in northern California's Monterey Bay Area will again be next to J&S Surplus & Outdoor Store. Major participants include Rolling Thunder and the American Legion Family. The event will be free and open to the public.

Red KIA Flag on Motorcycle, 2006 KIA Thunder Run, Military Vehicle Show, and Swap Meet
A motorcycle flies a large KIA flag at the Second Annual KIA Thunder Run, Military-Vehicle Show, and Swap Meet.

The store and site are located at the intersection of N. Struve Road and Highway 1 in Moss Landing. For 2007, the group plans food and merchandise sales, as well as music. Jim Gilbertson, a J&S Surplus & Outdoor owner, says, "Just look for the flags" to find the landmark surplus, paint-ball, and outdoor-supply store.

MVCC Tank from 30s
An old tank was at the event in 2006.

Swap Meet at the Event in 2006
2006 was the first year with a military-vehicle show and swap meet.

USAKIA benefits families of those in the U.S. military who are killed in combat. Sponsors again want to honor U.S. killed in action (KIA), died of wounds (DOW), and any member of the U.S. military, civilians, or public safety who die in the line of duty or by a terrorist act.

Ms. Gabby Cribland sings the National Anthem.

The event will take place on a Saturday on Labor Day Weekend for the third straight year, and the California Military Vehicle Collectors Association (MVCC) will put on a military-vehicle show for the second year in a row. Vendors will also put on a swap meet like last year besides, as well as sell food. There will be music all day and a two-hour ceremony beginning at noon. For the third straight year, Ms. Gabby Cribland will sing the National Anthem, and for the second straight year, Big Rain will provide live music.

Big Rain Plays in 2006

California National Guard Color Guard
2006's event also had a color guard from the California National Guard.

Last year the California National Guard had a color guard, and about 300 people attended the ceremony. They will again provide a color guard for 2007, and motorcycle groups such as Rolling Thunder and the American Legion Riders will also participate, with the California National Guard raising the U.S. and KIA flags with the Gold Star Mother, and Rolling Thunder Raising the POW*MIA flag. California chapter president of Rolling Thunder, Chaplain Joy Jeannette, will also speak. Other American Legion Family representatives will include Paul Rodriguez, past California detachment commander of the Sons of the American Legion. He is also the current chaplain for the detachment.

USAKIA and Rolling Thunder Presidents

California chapter president of Rolling Thunder, Chaplain Joy Jeannette, receives a Certificate of Appreciation from USAKIA for their participation in 2006. Joy also spoke about a family member KIA in Vietnam.

Gold Star Mother in 2005

Keynote speaker for 2005 was Amalia Gonzalez, Gold Star Mother of Victor Gonzalez, KIA in 2004.

Keynote speaker for the Third Annual KIA Thunder Run will be Gold Star Mother Nadia McCaffrey. Her son, Sergeant Patrick Ryan McCaffrey, was KIA in Iraq in June of 2004. Patrick was a member of the California National Guard. She also founded the Sergeant Patrick Ryan McCaffrey Foundation in his honor to benefit fellow veterans. It has a project called Veterans Village at

Participants for 2006
Participants show their Certificates of Appreciation from USAKIA: L-R, Joe Wiscowiche, father of William "Willie" Wiscowiche, Alec Arago of Congressman Sam Farr's office, Jim Gilbertson, owner of J&S Surplus & Outdoor Store, and Gold Star Mother Pat Wiscowiche, keynote speaker for 2006. Vincent Bartning (your far right) presents cetificates for USAKIA.

Last year, USAKIA had Pat Wiscowiche, Gold Star Mother of William "Willie" Wiscowiche, as the keynote speaker. For 2005, the first KIA Thunder Run, Amalia Gonzalez, Gold Star Mother of Victor Gonzalez, "honored the event as our first keynote speaker" according to Vincent Bartning, president and assistant Webmaster of USAKIA.

Raised U.S. Flag
The midday ceremony had a flag-raising ceremony with the National Anthem. Here we see the U.S. flag raised.

Other organizations and government agencies will also participate. The Marine Corp League plans to provide a table, and Congressman Farr's office has also been invited again. Organizers expect more event-goers this year.

Alec Arago - Congressman Farr's Office
Alec Arago speaks at the event for California's 17th Congressional District. Congressman Farr's office also presented USAKIA and J&S Surplus & Outdoor Store with Certificates of Special Congressional Recognition.

USAKIA plans a raffle to raise funds, and tax-deductible donations can also be made at the nonprofit's Website, Its activities include events, a free flag program, and a project for children of those who die in combat the nonprofit began with a donation of tickets to Paramount's Great America from the PGA. It also plans other activities to benefit KIA and DOW families.

Military Jeep
Here's another military vehicle on display in 2006.

About the USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation:
The USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation (USAKIA), based in San Jose, California, is an IRS-approved, tax-deductible and tax-exempt nonprofit. KIA families incorporated the 501(c)(3) organization in the fall of 2003 to benefit families of those killed in action and died of wounds while in the U.S. armed forces. Current services include memorial events, membership, and a free-flag program for KIA and DOW families.

The public-benefit corporation has had a group approach it for a California Medal of Honor Project (CAMOHP) and another one for a free tutoring program for K-12. New programs will include: 1) an active-duty U.S. Marine helping kids write thank-you letters to families of KIA, and 2) providing free tickets to children of combat dead to San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area attractions such as Paramount's Great America.

USAKIA also has products honoring U.S. KIA. America Remembers KIA allows USAKIA the use of its trademarked KIA flag and symbol. See the organization's Web site at for further information or to make a tax-deductible donation.

USAKIA opened two blogs in early 2006, Your Shield on Blogger at and USAKIA's Blog on Yahoo at The not-for-profit corporation also began an eBay blog in late 2006, Fallen Heroes' Remembrance, at, and a Newsvine column in April at


Contact Information:

Dennis Malloy
408 954-8280
CR @

Links (Open in New Window):

USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation (USAKIA)
Press Release on PRWeb
Press Release on PRWeb in PDF Format

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

SFGate: Portraits of Sacrifice

SFGate: Portraits of Sacrifice (Opens in New Window)

Four Years of War
March 19, 2003 - March 19, 2007

From Santa Rosa to San Jose, from San Francisco to Discovery Bay, young men and women answered their nation's call.

And after four years of war in Iraq, 36 of them have died.

Behind these honor roll photos are people who called the Bay Area home.

These are their stories.

Presented here are profiles of the servicemen, their stories and the recorded words of their families...

See Interactive Media, Read Editorial

SFGate: Portraits of Sacrifice (Opens in New Window)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Roads to be renamed in honor of fallen Marines

Roads to be renamed in honor of fallen Marines

LAKE COUNTY -- Two amendments attached to the newly passed state budget bill designate portions of northeast Ohio roadways in memory of two Marines.

The bill renames the portion of State Route 2 within the city of Willoughby as the "Brian Montgomery Memorial Highway."

Montgomery served as a Lance Corporal in the Marines and died in action while serving in Iraq on August 1, 2005.

The bill would also designate part of State Route 44 within Lake County, from State Route 2 to the Headlands Beach State Park, as the "Andy Nowacki Memorial Highway"...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Most governors lower flag for fallen troops

Today's Flag Day and the Army's 232nd birthday.

Most governors lower flag for fallen troops
Half-Staff Policies Vary Widely Among States

By Ben Jones - USA Today
Posted : Thursday Jun 14, 2007 15:06:18 EDT

More than half of state governors lower the American flag to honor service members killed overseas.

As the USA observes Flag Day today, a 50-state check indicates that 28 governors automatically lower flags when service members from their state are killed, and 22 governors do not. Some lower flags statewide, others only at certain facilities or localities.

There is a debate over whether every service member should get the honor. “Otherwise, anytime we’re in a conflict, the flag would be at half-staff most of the time, unfortunately,” said Joyce Doody, executive director of the National Flag Foundation.

Don Bauer, a Vietnam War veteran living in Grand Chute, Wis., said he believes governors should lower the flag to half-staff...

Read Entire Story at (Cut and Paste or Opens New Window):

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